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    PHP Development









    Mobile Application:






    DOT NET - Umbraco CMS

    MLM ( Multi Level Marketing) Product based development

    Environment: Java (J2SE), J2EE , Tomcat / Weblogic / Webshere , MySQL

    This is a product based development associated with micro-finance . It automates multi-level team handling . The application facilitates in managing micro-level finance.


    LMS (Learning Management System)

    Environment: Java (J2SE), J2EE, J2ME(for mobile applications) , Tomcat , MySQL


    SAAS Application for learning management system. The application supports multi-tenancy . 

    Parliament Member Queue Management System

    Environment: Node JS , Mongo DB (NOSQL), MySQL , Redis .
    Frameworks:  Express, Stylus , JADE
    Implementation:  Socket.IO

    The member can raise a request to speak. The speaker can queue the request. The speaker can decide and accept the request from any member present in the queue. The speaker can also send a special request to any member present the conference to speak. All interaction happens in real time wit the help of  The application has also a section based on PHP platform. The PHP application can register a new member and also can store any required data in MYSQL database.


    Environment : Android 2.2 Eclipse
    Client              :          Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories.
    Description:  E-Detailing is an Enterprise mobile application developed on Android   running on Android devices for mobilizing the pharmaceutical process in SAP CRM. This application is primarily for the PSR known as Professional Service Representative. Primary job of the PSR is to meet the chemist and to gather   the information about own brands and also the competitor’s brands (known as RCPA). Based on which they will meet the doctors and explains them to promote these brands.

    Exsell-Asian Paints Application

    Environment : Android 3.0 Eclipse and SUP.
    Description: Asian Paints envisages the implementation of a modernized and mobile Sales Force   Automation for Sales representatives on an Android device with the objective of retiring the existing IBM Expeditor based solution. Through the new implementation, Asian Paints expects to improve the usability and performance by leveraging the capabilities of Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP).

    Mc. Sales

    Client: -   TATA Chemicals Limited.
    Description: Mc. Sales application is sales application with which we can create Sales Order in Go Mobile and SAP, Customers and Products are downloaded from server. Sales Order is created against the selected customer and products. Customer and Product related quires are integrated in the application.

    Mobile Force

    Client: -   TATA Chemicals Limited.
    Description: The application has the functionality like getting all the customer and their details from EIS system via SUP and display them to user, where user can update the employee details as well which will save back to the EIS via SUP.
    The application is useful for higher officials of an organization where they can update the employee details like their name, designation, mobile number etc. at any moment.

    Remote Patient Monitoring System (Research and Development)

    Client: -   M.N.Sen Co. (Third-party service provider)
    Description: Tracking the basic health information from a remote location in real-time. Data is transmitted and stored in cloud and can be accessed, analyzed and processed from any client application.

    Patient Position Sensor (Accelerometer)
    Glucometer Sensor
    Body Temperature Sensor
    Blood Pressure Sensor (Sphygmomanometer) V2.0
    Pulse and Oxygen in Blood Sensor (SPO2)
    Airflow Sensor (Breathing)
    Galvanic Skin Response Sensor (GSR - Sweating)
    Electrocardiogram Sensor (ECG)

    Sample DialogFlow integration with natural Language understanding:
    The following sample show how the keywords are used and with CURL services call can established. which ultimately can be integrated with different platforms.

    Sample for the development of Intents & Entities using DialogFlow

    1. SSD development(Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture )
    2. Conversational IVR
    3. Working on Intents & Entities using Dialogflow

    GIS And Spatial Data based Application With Multi-Touch Facility

    Client: Indian Government
    Description: Decision making systems for Indian administration.
    Technology: Microsoft Products. WPF,WCF,Windows forms , Charts, Maps, MS SQL., Surface,tag recognition.
    Hardware: Large size screens ,touch facility, more than 10 touch points.