Cybercrime, Cyber threats research & analysis


  • Drone / UAV / Airship Manufacturer
  • Cyber Forensic / Cyber Law
  • Satellite communication & Electronics

  • UAV & Drone Lab
    Level-1  Laboratory 
    The Level-1 laboratory is meant for experimenting and testing for UAV & Drones for level-1 . This laboratory is equipped with all the latest equipment and facilities for experimenting on Quadcopters, Hexacopters, Octa-copters, H-Copters, Decca-Copters and fixed wings UAVs. This Level-1 laboratory is specially for electric powered engines and propellers.

    NOTE: Photos of Level-2 and photos of more advanced level laboratory and RND Lab hasn't been provided here as it has been limited and restricted by the NDA of the employer.

    Test field Nacharam
     (open area, outskirt of Hyderabad main city)
    Level-1 flight test 
    • Against slow wind, drift testing , 
    • Flight controller testing , 
    • Remote control's time lapse and range testing.

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