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  • Drone / UAV / Airship Manufacturer
  • Cyber Forensic / Cyber Law
  • Satellite communication & Electronics

    DOWNLOAD CV Objective I would like to establish myself and substantiate my expertise there after in every challenging sphere of the organization and where I can use my skill towards the development and growth of organization. Educational Qualification ➢ M.Tech from Crown University ➢ B.Tech from Crown University ➢ Senior secondary From West Bengal board, Calcutta ➢ Secondary from ICSE Board. Work Experience (TOTAL 10 Years) ➢ Roy’s Associate from 2004 to 2007 As Software developer ➢ WIPRO LTD from 20th Sep 2007 to 3rd October 2008 Joined as senior technical advisor ➢ Extreme Vision Technology Pvt Ltd from 7th Oct 2008 to May,2012 As project manger ➢ Panzer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. From May 2012 to May 2013 As project manger ➢ Advent Global Solutions Limited From May 2013 to Oct 2013 As project manger ➢ M.N Sen Co. From Oct 2013 to till date Research and Development . Roles & Responsibilities ➢ Technical Advice & development ➢ Technical research and development ➢ SOA architect / Senior API expert ➢ Business analysis ➢ Prototyping ➢ Job distribution ➢ Total project management ➢ Handling teams ➢ Development ➢ Delivery ➢ Handling testing teams.(Manual and Automated) ➢ QA and QC MIS ➢ Client interaction. (Conference, email, chat) Business Development ➢ Assisting the marketing team in business procurement Business analysis / Business Analyst
    ➢ Identifying opportunities to improvise on various processes and operations involved in running a business
    ➢ Designing new or modifying existing business systems or IT systems Interacting with business stakeholders and subject matter experts to comprehend their requirements
    ➢ Gathering, documenting, and analyzing various business requirements ➢ Resolving business problems through technical-based solutions ➢ Documenting functional and technical designs of business systems ➢ Interacting with system developers and architects for enhanced operational effectivity ➢ Testing the system and generating system documentations, user manuals, etc. Technical experience

    ➢ Complete block chain ecosystem development
    ➢ Integration of storage systems
    ➢ Decentralized eco-system management
    ➢ Multichain
    ➢Customization and development of miners ➢ PHP ➢ PHP Framework ➢ Codeignitor ➢ Zend ➢ Symphony CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Shopping Cart, OScommerce, Drupal) Wordpress –API, filters, hooks, Plugin development, theme development Wordpress Theme framework - Genesis Drupal – API, filters, hooks, plugin development, theme development Couch PHP & Streaming servers ➢ PHP live video streaming and broadcasting with 3rd party server integration ➢ Shout Cast, Red-5 Server PHP & Printing Domain ➢ SVG Editor. ➢ Printing solution development. Social Networking Integration ➢ Facebook (FBML, Graph API), Twitter, Yahoo, Google Integration Payment Gateway Integration ➢ Paypal, Plimus, AlertPay, Money Brokers, Alipay, CCAvenue Google Applications ➢ Google application integration & management for 3rd party Project standard for PHP ➢ CodeSniffer ➢ Zend ➢ Pear ➢ Wordpress Hosting Management ➢ WHM, ➢ CPanel ➢ CPanel scripting and API calling. ➢ Programming for dynamic hosting management used for offering hosting services where the user can manage database creation, sub-domain creation, e-mail creation and others, without loging into the Cpanel. JAVA ➢ J2SE, ➢ J2EE, ➢ J2ME) ➢ Java Framework (Strut, Hibernate, Spring) ➢ Java Servers – Jboss, Websphere, Weblogic, Glassfisf ➢ Java `IDE – NetBeans, Eclipse Microsoft products ➢ VB.NET ➢ C# ➢ Razor C# ➢ ASP ➢ ASP.NET Microsoft .NET CMS ➢ Umbraco Microsoft Kinect with XBOX 360 ➢ Gesture based applications IDE for dot net ➢ Visual studio 2010 Databases with dot net ➢ Access ➢ MSSQL (with database synchronization) ➢ SQL Lite (for handheld devices) Special Desktop Application ➢ Serial port inputs ➢ Radio Frequency inputs through serial port or PS2 SAP ➢ ABAP ➢ BDC ➢ Inbound/ out bound programs ➢ Integeration with .net, php platform ➢ Interaction with hand held devices, like Android ➢ Report programs ➢ Module pool ➢ Smart forms SMP ➢ MBO designing ➢ Interfacing with SAP system ➢ SMP Mobility solution ➢ Relay server configuration Node JS & Push Notifications ➢ NodeJs Custom programming ➢ Socket IO ➢ NodeJs- Websockets ➢ NodeJs-JADE Template ➢ NodeJs- Nib support ➢ NodeJs- Express Framework ➢ NodeJs- Stylus ➢ NodeJs + Mongo DB ➢ NodeJs + PHP Full stack development ➢MEAN - Mongoose,Express,AngularJs,NodeJS Could Computing ➢Amazon web services ➢Load balancing ➢Architecture designing ➢Dockers / containers ➢ Python ➢ ROR (Ruby on rails) Mobility Solutions ➢ Mobility solutions for SAP ➢ SMP integration with mobile applications ➢ Native applications development for ➢ iPhone ➢ Android ➢ Symbian ➢ Blackberry VOIP Solution ➢ Web calling ➢ SIP client integration for web and hybrid applications ➢ HTML5 integration with SIP / Asterisk server Cross-platform development for ➢ iPhone ➢ Android ➢ Blackberry ➢ Symbian ➢ Windows Development Technologies ➢ HTML5 ➢ Jquery Mobile ➢ Sencha Touch ➢ Phonegap ➢ Titanium ➢ Ionic framework Embeded system integration with: ➢ Mobile technology ➢ Web technology ➢ Desktop applications ➢ Development experience on AIDC technologies and Solutions using Barcode, RFID, Wifi etc ➢ Integrate with I/O devices like PLCs, Stack Lights, Alarm system, Weighing machine etc Cross platform desktop application ➢ HTML / HTML5, CSS, Jquery , Javascript ➢ TIDE SDK ➢ Node Webkit ➢ Nodebob ➢ Platforms: Windows , MAC , Linux (with single codebase) SEO & Digital Propagation ➢ PPC, PPV, PPM Campaigns ➢ Location oriented traffic driving from through out the globe ➢ Digital Marketing ➢ Online Marketing (Development and implementation of E-mail Collection Software or company’s marketing purpose) ➢ Mail Blasting Development and Management Types of Projects Worked on & Handled ➢ Blogs ➢ Education (E-learning components) ➢ Automated SMS/E-mail alert systems ➢ ERP/CRM ➢ Inventory Management ➢ Human Resource Management ➢ BSFI-(Private Banking, Investment, Pay Day Loans) ➢ Multi Level Marketing ➢ E-Commerce-Shopping Sites ➢ Desktop Application Development ➢ Mobile Application development ➢ SAAS –Software as a service ➢ SAAS – Software as a storage ➢ Sales force automation ➢ Field engineers service automation ➢ Multi-level approval automation ➢ Solution for medical professionals ➢ Solution for pharmacy field executives RESEARCH WORKS / WHITE PAPERS (to name a few) Research Project: Miniature BTS / portable cell phone tower Description: Miniature BTS or cell phone tower will be a substitute of the original cell phone towers. This miniature BTS will have most of the major functionalities of a cell phone tower and will behave in the same way as a normal BTS. The prototype will be able to make calls , receive call , send SMS and receive SMS within a given radius. The prototype model is also capable of registering new devices. The functionality or the flexibility of the prototype can be enhanced by using internet, which will allow the users to make calls to devices registered with other service providers. Goal of the project: Develop a low cost solution. Implementing portability to the solution. Using it in remote areas where facilities are limited. Research Project: Centralized development and deployment system & architecture for mobile applications. Industrial / small business / domestic automation through web applications and mobile applications ➢ UAV & Drones ➢ Quad-copters + configuration ➢ Quad-copters X configuration ➢ Hex-copters ➢ Hex Y Configuration ➢ Transmitter programming/configuration ➢ Flight control board configuration ➢ Gyro configuration ➢ GPS – auto pilot ➢ 6 Channel receiver control ➢ Quad-copter to ground station video streaming ➢ RC Drones/UAV operations & pilot ➢ Autopilot ➢ Return to home (RTH) ➢ Return to land (RTL) ➢ Stabilization ➢ Altitude hold ➢ Way-points ➢ Geo fencing ➢ Telemetry Exposed to most of the flight controllers and its configurations To name a few: ➢ DJI Wookong-M ➢ DJI Naza all versions ➢ APM ➢ KK BOARDS Project Management Pedagogies ISO Implementations Language Known ENGLISH, FRENCH, BENGALI & HINDI DATE: PLACE: (AMIT GHOSH)