Cybercrime, Cyber threats research & analysis


  • Drone / UAV / Airship Manufacturer
  • Cyber Forensic / Cyber Law
  • Satellite communication & Electronics
  • Social media marketing tool

    Used for Facebook, Twitter


    title(the heading or the title)
    description(the description)
    fbImage(the image to display)

    Affiliate parameter:
    affiliate-email(your email id where the clients enquiry will be sent).

    Audience induction and engagement parameter:
    v (the video id from youtube)

    Facebook debugging tool

    (Please login to Facebook to use this tool):

    Twitter debugging tool

    (Please login to your twitter account to use this tool)


    Social media page management:

    1. Like
    2. Invite
    3. Getting connected to users across boundaries and then inviting them
    4. Sharing your affiliate links / products
    5. Increasing the number of followers/likes.
    6. Updating the page with new team activities photos/videos.

    Digital media brand ambassador

    1. Activities in real-world for brand ambassadors . Eg. individual/group events photo sessions. 
    2. Digital activities, online promotion
    3. Video creation - individual video, group video, advertisement video, short film, documentary film creation.


    1. Implement all the keywords through SMM tools
    2. Distribution as per the tutorial
    3. Digital media brand ambassador - complete the whole procedure 
    4. Facebook page: inducing audience and enhancing the engagement. - Team activity updates with photos and videos.
    5. Competitors Vs your company comparison table creation(minimum top 5 international competitors)