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    Dog Bark (Any Loud Noise) Sensor
    Get email notifications of loud noise. I use it to get an email if my dog barks in the kennel, so that I can open up my kennel webcam and see why he barked. There is also a counter to try to quantify how much he has been barking.
    Washer-Dryer Sensor
    Get an audio reminder when washer/dryer cycle completes - something like a "Washer Complete" announcement in the living room. No more forgetting laundry in the washer or wondering if it's done yet. Use the smart phone app to check if the cycle is complete or if the load has been picked up.

    Light Sensor
    Detect whether the light got left on or not. Displays the status of light on the smart phone app.
    Area Intrusion Monitor
    A PIR sensor monitors a room and sets off audio alarm / email notification when it senses a moving body.
    Dog Tracker
    Get notified if your dog runs away, track he's GPS location on google maps, and also map where he poops.

    Gas/Fire/Smoke Sensor
    Although this should not be the primary fire alarm, it can be used to send an email notification to you when the sensor senses smoke, fire, or LP gas commonly used in gas-powered stoves.

    Temperature / Humidity Sensor
    Temperature and humidity is reported to the mobile app. Optionally, you can enable email notifications when temperature dips below/above some preset value. Helpful for detecting furnace or air conditioner failures. You can also view a historical chart of temperature data using app.
    Water Leak Sensor
    Get an email notification and audio alarm when a water leak is detected.