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  • On 02:14 by Ronald
    Service / Project delivery in IT industry

    Service & project delivery in IT industry is a real challenge. Very often you cannot take up the challenge . End of the day, you loose your client, your reputation and your business. Loosing one client is not only loosing money. It affects the reputation of your business and you loose all the clients reference.

    The business owner's and marketing team's night mare is delivery. Worried about teams internal problems , incentives, miles stones not met, quality not met and the first and fore-most is that, the payment is not going to come for this mile-stone !!!!

    What are the major challenges we face for project delivery? Why it doesn't get delivered in time and with quality?

    There are numerous reasons for it. Some of the basic common major factors are:

    • Lack of proper technical knowledge of the team. Even the project manager is not a technical geek. We need the whole team to have a common precise technical visualization of the whole project. To have these we need all the teams members to be a technical geek . But in real time we cannot expect that all the developers , team members or the project managers  to be technical geeks or super-experts.
    So, what is the solution?

    Project TA & TS  has to be designed by one super-technical expert, who has the complete knowledge on wide varieties of technologies and cross platform integration. Then it has to be distributed among the team members. The TA & TS has to be maintained through out the project. So none of the team members will get stuck with technicalities. They can just sit and start coding on the pre-defined intelligence and control flow. So they will not be wasting time on thinking on the stage. Just sit and start coding without any confusion. So problem solved.

    • The client changes the requirement very often.
    This is a real problem. So how to handle it?
    Create and distribute BBP with the signature of the stakeholders among all the stakeholders.
    So, no more confusion. So no more lame excuses from the developers that the project is getting delayed as because the client is changing the requirements. The client says, that he already gave this requirement before.Once there is a change  in the requirement, the BBP will change which means extra-time and money.Everything should be dealt through BBP. So problem solved.

    • The mile-stones are not met, so the company is not getting paid within the expected time.
    To resolve this problem hierarchy pyramid has to be implemented.This is the latest pedagogy followed by all international enterprises. The stacks should include account managers , developers , project managers and testing teams. There will be vertical and horizontal reporting system. The apex of the structure will include the account manager. There will be relative and non relative bonds at a horizontal level between multiple teams . In every scenario apex will be related with other stacks through vertical hierarchy.

    This latest advanced  paradigm has been designed at a global standard, which is followed by all the top most MNCs and big-shots enterprises.

    This paradigm has been designed so intelligently that the apex with the other stacks always stays in an infinite loop. Any body going out of the loop will be easily identified. This identified stack or member is generally responsible for the failure. So now we know the reason and we can work on it. So problem solved.

    • Failure due to absenteeism , or negligence of any manager or team member. 

    The above paradigm easily points out the issue and doesn't allow any body to go out of the track. Anybody taking the side of any malpractice gets identified automatically.

    So now the top most management can spend more time in something prospective rather than solving internal problems. This brings smiles for the clients and the top most managements.

    Thats a HaPpY EnDiNg !!!!

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